• Friday, February 27, 2015
cPanel has released the STABLE tier for cPanel version 11.48. This version introduce many improvement and changes to the cPanel/WHM based servers.

Although there are a lot of changes in this version, most are technical and server level.
Below we have listed the highlighted  changes that effects to users directly. Please make sure to read about Logaholic Stats changes.

- Simplified iOS Configuration: Users can automatically configure their cPanel email accounts on their iOS device by downloading a single file.

- Stronger Passwords: All passwords in cPanel & WHM 11.48 can include spaces, in addition to varying cases and characters. Users can create safer passwords that are difficult for both humans and computers to decrypt.

- The Logaholic Stats program has been removed from cPanel. Since version 11.48 Logaholic will not be available as part of the cPanel package.

There are many more technical changed that will help us to improve the servers and services in the background.

Soon, we will upgrade our cPanel shared hosting servers to the new version.