• Thursday, November 6, 2014
As you know we have announced about the the MySQL version update beginning this year, we had this scheduled for past September but as we saw many clients haven't updated they scripts yet and at the same time cPanel gave some more time to run the outdated MySQL version we have it running the current version for some more time. But, cpanel has announced in the next version they will definitelly remove the support for this version and any server runing this version will not be able to update the cPanel package. For this reason we are announcing we will proceed with this upgrade at the end of this month.

Please make sure your scripts are up to date and support MySQL 5.5 or newer as once we update the servers there is no step back. If you have any doubt about the scripts version and support for MySQL 5.5 please contact your script support. Remember our support is limted to the services we provide, we do not fix nor update 3rd part scripts, please make sure to have your scripts updated before the mysql version update.

We will send you another message once we have the exact day of the update.