• Monday, September 29, 2014

For many years while other companies were additionally charging between $6-$14 for the Privacy Protection service for the domain names we were passing the benefit to have this service for FREE for all our domain clients. Two days before our registrar (probably the only registrar that wasn't charging for this service until now) announced this service will start being chargeable from October 5th. Although we already saw many other companies start or continue charging the above mentioned amount we have decided to continue providing the best value to our clients as we always do, for this reason we will charge the less possible for domains Privacy Protection service. Since october 5th the Privacy Protection service will cost only $4.00 per year additionally to the domain registration fee.

What happen with domains already renewed or registered before 5th October with Privacy Protection?

Any domain renewed or registered before 5th October with the Privacy Protection enabled, will remain enabled for FREE until the domain expiry date UNLESS you disable  the Privacy Protection, on being re-enabled a charge will occur.

Basically, if you are in the period where your domain is enjoying the free privacy protection (this means the privacy was enabled before October 5th) it will remain for free unless you disable the protection and try to enable it again, then charge will occur.
In your next domain renewal period, if you have the privacy protection enabled, our system will generate the domain invoice with the domain privacy protection additional charge, if you decide to renew the domain + the privacy protection service you simply pay the invoice as usual and the domain registration + the domain privacy protection service will be renewed. If you decide to only renew the domain without the privacy protection, then simply disable the privacy addon in the domain through your client area or contact us and we will disable the privacy protection service in your domain and remove the additional charge from the invoice so you can pay only the domain fee and renew the domain without the privacy protection service.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you!