• Friday, December 13, 2013
Over the weekend we will update all the shared hosting cPanel servers to the last stable 11.40 version. These are the highlighted changes/new features:

In 11.40, ability to assign IPv6 addresses to accounts. This is not available yet but is the first step to start offering IPV6. We will be able to create an IPv6 address range and assign IPv6 addresses in that range to accounts.

HTML editor
In 11.40, cPanel's File Manager feature offers a more modern HTML editor. The editor allows users to easily access and edit their HTML files from the File Manager feature. Users can also insert the images they have saved through the File Browser feature. The new editor has replaced the legacy product, WysiwygPro.

For more information, read the documentation about the HTML editor in this link:


Dovecot upgraded to 2.2
Dovecot has been upgraded to version 2.2 in cPanel & WHM 11.40. This will allow the Trash and Deleted Messages to be auto-expunged, providing improved performance and better disk space management.

Logaholic updated
Logaholic has been updated to version 4.0.5.

Mailing List Delegation
In 11.40, the cPanel interface now allows account owners to log into Mailman automatically to manage mailing lists. However, the password is still necessary if the administrator uses email or goes to the Mailman URL directly to manage a mailing list.

Also, the cPanel interface allows mailing list owners to delegate administrative access to specified users.

Finally, the cPanel developers have added columns for access level and administrator email addresses to the table of mailing lists in the cPanel interface

For more information, read the Mailing Lists documentation in this link: