• Wednesday, September 18, 2013
We are happy to announce we have reworked all our Cloud Virtual Servers offerings and we now have more options so you can can buy specifically what you need, cutting off your operative costs to the minimum possible.

Over the years we saw clients buying pre-packaged plans with certain quantity of Ram, Disk space and bandwidth were not using them all and were paying for something they were not using. Keeping this in mind now you can buy bandwidth independently of the server plan so you can buy only the bandwidth you need. Additionally the server management, cPanel and many other addons are optional. So if you need  Cloud Virtual Server without management you can buy one now and manage your server.

Also please remember our services are real cloud servers, ARE NOT VPS's like most of the other companies are offering there as "Cloud". Our Cloud Virtual Servers are literally a lot of servers linked and virtualized with a powerful managing software and they are physically different so there are no point of failure. Also now all the servers are using SSD drives, so this increase the performance exponentially in your Cloud Virtual Server.

Our Cloud Virtual Servers price start from $15/mo. You can see more details Here:


Hope you enjoy these changes and again we thank you as you were the big part of these changes as we have based these changes to users requests and feedback.