• Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We have updated the ASSP spam and virus protection system version in all our cPanel shared hosting servers. This update correct many bugs, improve the spam detection system and add many useful functionalities.


- Now you can set the spam filter sensibility for each domain.
Near each domain listed in the SPAM Scoring section you can select the filter sensibility.


- By default all blocked emails will bounce with a NOSPAMTAG to the sender address. If the sender receives the bounce she/he can resend the message including in the email the NOSPAMTAG code. The NOSPAMTAG is a key that is re-generated every 24 hours.


- New ASSP mail interface functions - asspblock@, asspof@, asspon@.


To read more about the new features please check in our KnowledgeBase in the link below: