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Latest Announcements

Your Sites Are Safe! TCP Sack Panic Vulnerability Has Been Remedied 28 Jun 2019

We are constantly working to ensure that your website is protected to the fullest. When a new security vulnerability is discovered, we’ll spring into action and attempt to remedy the problem as... More »

Zero-Day emergency security patching for most fully linux managed servers 20 Jun 2019

-- This message is only if you have a dedicated linux server or a cloud linux server. -- A vulnerability targeting the networking stack in linux servers running kernel 2.6.29 or newer has been... More »

Updated information about the PHP 5.x version removal from our shared hosting servers 28 May 2019

As we have previously announced, in the month of June the PHP 5.x version will be removed from our system. We have seen that many customers are still using this version and have not yet changed... More »